After taking the decision to embark on a freelance career back in 2007, this portfolio has undergone a few name changes along the way and moved away from Creature to Pixel Stylist in October 2013.

Code and scripts

In an effort to cater for multiple web browsers and devices (it’s only fair that I practice what I preach), this site has been designed and built using responsive web design techniques.

Main resources and libraries include jQuery, Modernizr, Unveil.js, Isotope, CSS3 media queries, and cherry-picked elements from the Responsive Grid System and HTML5 Boilerplate (which includes bags of useful code from a rather splendid community of developers).

Internet Explorer

With a little help from IE8.js, I also deliver a functional, fixed-width version of this site for users of Internet Explorer 8 and above.

For the record, if you are using Internet Explorer 8… what the Hell are you? A dinosaur?! You should really consider upgrading to a modern web browser.

Content management

This site is powered by the self-hosted version of WordPress using my own custom-built WordPress theme (well… it’s what I do).

Typography and icons

The icon set used throughout this site is my own bespoke icon font, which I’ll be releasing as an open source download in the very near future. Body type is Noticia Text, an open source font served by Google Fonts.


Graphics were generated using my brain, pens, paper, crayons and Adobe CS6 (namely Photoshop and Illustrator).

Code was initially handled using Dreamweaver, until I finally broke out of my comfort zone and switched to Coda and Codeanywhere. LESS/CSS code is compiled using

All of the above softwares resides on my MacBook Pro, which sits on a knackered, old desk purchased from Ikea.

Still reading?

I am powered by Marmite on toast and coffee.

Legal stuff

Pixel Stylist is a trading name of Firefly GB Ltd, a registered company in England & Wales number: 06635187.

Unless specified, the content of this website is Copyright © Firefly GB Ltd, and published under the Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 3.0 license. All rights reserved.

Selected projects

Further web design, brand and WordPress development projects I have undertaken.